What is an AdTaken media wall?

Want to make a creative impact? Introducing the media wall. Providing prime advertising, AdTaken media wall can accommodate custom designs for long-term exposure, creating mass market awareness with high reach and frequency levels. With Indias largest media wall, it is perfect for penetrating urban centers and vary in size, providing endless creative options. Affixed to commercial buildings, hotels, and occasional residential building, media walls are located in heavily trafficked city areas and visible from a great distance.


INR 1199/day

Trivandrum Centre

East Fort Attakulanagar

AdTAken hass a wide range of media walls loacted in different areas.And at this cochin screen around 40,000 commuters daily passes over.The large 275 sqft screen can deliver the highest quality of 1080p-4k with P8 pixel pitch.The signal stop last for over 60 second. And we have a maximum of 10 hours uptime daily. So your ad will be taken into a million for sure.