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We help you reach people when they are out and about,in the right time.
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Today’s urban audiences spend more time than ever away from home, with engagement opportunities in all city environments. Out-of-Home offers contextual and memorable brand communication, effectively reaching all demographics throughout the consumer journey.

AdTaken Video Walls helps in increasing awareness and engagement to deliver targeted, dynamic content.


With the increased deployment of digital technology in the out-of-home space, digital OOH (DOOH) is predicted to grow by over 8% between 2020 and 2025. AdTaken continues to focus on digitising more OOH spaces, making the medium more responsive and flexible and allowing advertisers to benefit from shorter lead times and providing relevant, contextual content for their audiences.

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Dynamic Messaging

Dynamic, data-led DOOH campaigns allow brands to offer highly relevant messaging, contextualised to audience, time and place. With the high accessibility and effectiveness of dynamically targeted campaigns, AdTaken’s vision is to facilitate dynamic content for all digital campaigns in the future.
Dynamic campaigns deliver digital content that is contextually relevant for the brand, place, time, environment and consumer

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Dynamic Ads

Contextually relevant content for all digital campaigns:
Data-driven, agile decision-making is central to effective brand communication and increased ROI among all advertiser sectors and campaign sizes. Managing ad creatives with AdTaken Web Portal allows advertisers to integrate existing data feeds or input data manually to optimise their content across their display slot purchases. Dynamic ads optimise the targeting, relevance and delivery of DOOH campaigns. Creating content dynamically brings advertisers a deeper engagement with their audience, increasing awareness, recall and perception. No matter the scale or budget, with AdTaken it makes the optimisation of creatives simple and accessible for all digital campaigns.

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