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Branding - Adtaken


Design has the power to transform the way the world sees your Brand. With a 3 tri faceted research (User, Market and Competitor) model, we help you create a perfect brand that justifies your business offering and connect with a user who appreciates your intent


Your brand perception is not yours but it is owned by your customer. This strategic ownership is a process of careful curation that starts from intensive research and analysis that seeks to understand how your brand will be experienced. Bblewrap designs the brand research cover all the significant areas.
  • Analysing Demographic And Scale
  • Compilation of Research & Business Goals
  • Studying Product /Service markets
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Centric Research
  • SWOT Analys


Branding is a multi layered process of putting together various aspects like research, design methodology and multiple mediums that can be leveraged to invite a loyal customer base. Bblewrap devises brand strategy by amalgamating research findings and way forward with the help of user behaviour and trend analysis.
  • Ideations
  • Explorations
  • Big Idea
  • Concept Design
  • Evaluation


Your brand is set for growth and this ascension needs to be mapped with the help of a roadmap that accounts for a carefully crafted aesthetic narrative that not only supports the purpose of the brand but also helps in nurturing genuine connect. Customers are able to very clearly see through your intentions as a brand and Bblewrap helps you with an architecture that is inclusive of your goals and your customers.
  • Brand Scope Analysis
  • Brand Categorisation
  • Annual and Biannual Planning


Everything starts with the name game! Your brand name sets the tone for your brand’s future, its narrative and its expansion categories. The name can be imaginative, evocative, descriptive or a combination word. The name you decide to go with has the power to expand with your vision and realise.
  • Understanding Business & Target Segment
  • Identifying Prelim Positioning
  • Listing Names
  • Trademark & Domain Availability Check
  • User Testing


To arrive at Brand Identity we have to go through a meticulous process of trying to find that form that will resonate with our product, our users and our intentions. Bblewrap with its experience simplifies the process for you with an informative and efficient manner that includes you at a very thorough level. The colour, shape, form, and tone come together to create an emotionally distinctive brand.
  • Research Analysis
  • Concept Outlines
  • Brand Narrative


An emerging brand has a lot of ground to cover in terms of its movement through the very competitive industry. This journey can be challenging if the brand doesn’t have a precise plan from launch. Bblewrap helps you devise a 3 months to a year plan and works closely with you in identifying various touch points and equipping you with all the research analytics and design resources to make the sailing smoother.
  • Brand Strategy Outline
  •  Mapping Brand Goals


Our expertise allows us to analyse your brand and help you understand areas within the brand that can be improved to match the persistent demands of the market. This is achieved with a two sided analysis of the brands past in the form of definitive research and the future of the industry with trend forecasting.
  • Complete Compilation Of Brand Assets
  • SWOT Analysis