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Adtaken is a full-service branding,marketing,and advertising agency based in Cochin City,Kerala.We’ve been passionate about marketing and producing tangible results for clients. We’re inspired by devising and executing marketing strategies and desinging content based advertisement that launch our clients and earn their trust.

Who we are

Adtaken is leading Indian provider of digital out of the home media.We helps brands build meaningful interaction and scalable brand communication with their consumers around the world.

What we do

To get the results you want, you need a strategic plan that’s customized to fit your business needs, and that’s exactly what we are doing at Adtaken to provide better outcome.


A core element of the company’s strategy, sustainable development enables us to anticipate future changes and represents a significant driver of growth and innovation.


Ever since it was founded, Adtaken has been committed to conserving resources. From our efforts to reduce our environmental impacts, our various pro-active policies have evolved into a comprehensive approach to sustainable development. We have made sustainable development a central tenet of the Group’s strategy, transforming it into a key driver of innovation and competitiveness.

Bussiness model

Adtaken is a advertising bus shelter, we have applied our business model to all our current activities. With no impact our business model enables us to innovate continuously to meet the needs of cities and citizens and to deliver smart and responsible mobility solutions. With over 400 areas of in-house expertise, our command of every step of the value chain allows us to guarantee optimal quality for the products and services offered and attend more closely to our clients’ needs.



The team succesfully hits all targets,having greatly increased  product awarness.The client centric approach,attention to detail and outstanding works leads  to impressive results.

Our Values

Our entrepreneurial spirit is driven by one purpose: making the brands stronger and to reach deeper into customers making them stronger more attractive while meeting the challenges of the 21st century. Adtaken has always been resolutely turned toward the future. Faithful to that spirit, we open new avenues to all our new employees. They are joining a fast-growing segment in full digital overhaul. They become the talent for a business that is in full development, guided by passion, creativity, a sense of service, and a taste for aesthetics and design.


We keep innovation as a great thing to keep momentum in any business.


Our goal is to introduce new marketing and advertisement strategy to the field.

Team Work

We have the best team in the business to have the most satified team work for the client.


We are commited to integrity, fairness and responsibility


Integrity means that we are truthful and honest in all areas of life, in our professional work and in our personal lives.


Customer satisfaction is our top most priority.We make sure that each and every corner of the project is perfectly satisfied to client.



We are responsible to customers to provide good services.We also provide a clean, safe working environment to our team.


We have a clear focus on the huge opportunities that emerging markets present and on helping our customers to unlock that potential. We are committed to providing the best source of intelligence on emerging market companies, industries and countries to help our customers gain a better understanding of these markets and to make smarter decisions.


We are inspired by a single goal,we want to become the indisputable leader in our industry not simply in terms of size, but in how we use that size to achieve our mission and improve the quality of human life.

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